Unreal Arena

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After some months of hard work we have managed to add our teams, Q and U, to Unreal Arena. Players of the former will act as they would in Quake III Arena, with its typical physics, weapons and items. Players of the latter will feel instead the gameplay of Unreal Tournament.

Moreover, with this snapshot we have gone a step further and we have actually made possible to play the game. Now you can spawn into our demo map, Campgrounds, and move around it. We have already ported the original Quake III Arena spawn logic while the other one is coming soon.


Other minor enhancements are the removal of the suicide timer, that had been preventing the /kill command to run instantly, and the addition of the /suicide alias which is better known to Unreal Tournament players.

Finally, this snapshot includes the usual engine update (v0.41.0).

[NOTE: since there are no menus you should take a look at the instructions on the official wiki in order to know how to properly run the game.]