Unreal Arena

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From now on we will split the development between a release and the following into smaller stages that we are going to call snapshots. You can think of them as developer previews of well defined features that have just been finished and marked as ready.

In this way it’s easier for our testers to review each feature set and at the same time it allows the developers to deal with any feedback before actually doing the official release.

The main features included in the snapshot 0.1-1 are:

  • removal of the buildables from the gamecode
  • refining of the Campgrounds geometry

In addition to those, there are the update of the engine to v0.40.0 and a few bugfixes.

Campgrounds 0.2

You can find all snapshots @ https://github.com/unrealarena/unrealarena/releases

[NOTE: since there are no menus you should take a look at the instructions on the official wiki in order to know how to properly run the game.]