Unreal Arena

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After almost 11 months of development here we are with a new snapshot!

Once again most of the work has been done under the hood: we conducted a full code review, we removed a massive amount of dead code, we fixed a crash that used to happen with the /listplayers command and finally we updated our build infrastructure so that now we only use compilers that have at least a feature-complete implementation of the C++11 standard.

Furthermore, with the help of q3diff, an in-house developed tool, we also checked for correctness the geometry of our map Campgrounds and polished it.

Campgrounds 0.5.1

Last but not least, thanks to 3 big updates the engine is now at version v0.46.0.

Next time we are going to add Quake III physics and a new map from the UT99 pool… stay tuned!

[NOTE: since there are no menus you should take a look at the instructions on the official wiki in order to know how to properly run the game.]