Unreal Arena

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I like the way you move

Here we are with a new snapshot just in time for the new year!

The main focus has been the implementation of VQ3 physics for Q players which we can proudly say it is 100 percent accurate. We have added a red box with proper size as a placeholder for the final Q model to better represent it for the time being. Other than that, characters have now soft shadows, it is possible to unfollow with the right mouse button when spectating and we added exit as an alias for quit.

Other cosmetic additions are a provisional HUD that shows in-game messages and the FPS counter, a beautiful monospace font for the console and a disclaimer at the game startup.

Our map Campgrounds underwent a restyling and it now has a cleaner dev look.

Campgrounds 0.6

Finally thanks to 5 big updates the engine is now on par with the latest Daemon version (v0.51.1).

Works have already started for the next snapshot which will include UT99 physics and a new map so watch this space for updates!

[NOTE: since there are no menus you should take a look at the instructions on the official wiki in order to know how to properly run the game.]